“It is health that is wealth, not pieces of gold or silver. “
~ Mahatma Gandhi

About Me

You can’t just put the wrong things into a machine (like the body ) and not expect to have things go haywire.

Keeping your gut happy and your immune system strong will help you live your best life. After studying nutrition and becoming certified, I dove deep into gut health. Suffering from SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth)myself, I wanted a clear understanding of how the gut operates and how to better serve my clients. Our gut is incredibly intelligent and communicates directly with our brain and by improving our gut health we can increase our happiness and immunity to illness.

Through our gut we can prevent digestive disorders, weight gain, depression, anxiety, food sensitivities, allergies, and fatigue with just tiny diet and lifestyle changes.

I live my life today so my tomorrows and yours are ones that can be lived at their best.

5 Day Detox


I usually run these in August, November, February and May. If these dates  don’t work for you, you are welcome to sign up and try it on your own!

You will get:

  • Whole food-based where you get a full meal plan and shopping list
  • A proven protocol that will help you lose weight, sleep better and get more energy in just under a week.
  • A pre detox training call where I walk you through what to expect
  • Tons support for me and the detox community via Facebook forum

30 Day Jump Start Program 


We work side-by-side and if you are committed to 30 days you could see:

  • Reduced hunger
  • A happy healthy gut
  • Improved antioxidant scan scores
  • A huge increase in energy
  • Weight loss
  • Better quality sleep
  • Less aches and pains

We will also cover the importance of unraveling stress and overwhelm, understanding the benefits of yoga and meditation and meal prepping.

You will get:

  • Antioxidant scan before and after the program
  • Food intolerance evaluation
  • Weekly zoom check ins
  • Full access to me with 8 hr turn around responses.
  • Exercise plan
  • Meal plan
  • Tips tricks and recipes
  • Measurement and weight tracking

Are you struggling to make time for your own health?

Are you busy with work, overwhelmed with life and mainly worried about what your kids are eating? I HAVE BEEN THERE!!

If you are ready to “get back to the basics” and make small little changes that WILL make you feel like 1 million $$, contact me now!

8 Week Program

21 Day Cleanse

Food Intolerance Testing

A food intolerance evaluation changed my life. Knowing what may be causing discomfort and inflammation made it easier for me to fine-tune my way of eating.

We use a technology that measures electrical currents when your blood is placed in contact with food. I small finger prick and Your clear, easy to read results are back within one week giving us an idea of how to move forward with your health journey. This service is included in my 30 day jumpstart program.


Supplementation is a part of a lot of people’s daily routine. It fills in the nutritional gaps in our diet. Let’s face it, it can’t be hard to get in all of the recommended fruits and veggies per day with our already busy schedules. Pharmanex products are what my family and I use.

Pharmanex is powerful ingredients with innovative science and technology which equals world-class, pharmaceutical grade products that deliver real benefits. 100,000s of clinical studies, 75 in-house scientists (30%of the have their Ph.D.) and they have been in business for over 30 years.

8 Pharmanex products have a Biophotonic scanner guarantee. That means if your scanner score does not improve after 60 days of taking the suggested supplement, you get your money back. 

Given 1/2 a chance, the body can and will reset itself.

Choice…..not chance determines your destiny.

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